Mike Kirby

General Manager Bland Distributors

We are excited to offer to our customers the AiroCide Technology throughout the facility, purifying the air by eliminating airborne pathogens, molds and ethylene gas.

Danel Auclari

Quality Control Supervisior Agropur Division Natrel

Agropur, headquartered in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada is the Canadian dairy industry leader, with $3.4 billion in annualized sales. They operate 27 plants and numerous distribution centers and offices across Canada, and in the U.S. and Argentina. Processing over 3 billion liters of milk annually, they offer an impressive array of products, including such popular brands as Quebon, Oka, Sealtest, Natrel, Island Farms, Yoplait, La Lacteo, Trega and Schroeder. The efficacy of the AiroCide technology has met their food safety air sanitation expectations.

Michael P. Miller

President & CEO (formerly VP of Operations, Greater Cleveland Food Bank) River Bend Food Bank

I just wanted to let you know that your Airocide units are now installed and in operation, and we’re already noticing a difference. The most noticeable change was with tomatoes. If we were to hold tomatoes as long as two weeks, they would liquefy. We just distributed a truckload of tomatoes, and with combination of storage at the proper temperature along with Airocide units, the tomatoes we distributed at the end of two weeks’ time looked as good as those we distributed immediately upon receipt. We’re very happy customers at this point. I would be glad to serve as a referral. You can’t hear them, and you can’t see your units doing anything, but this kind of result with the tomatoes was extraordinary.

Tom Bruno

Director of Operations DiMare Fresh Tampa, FL

Uncompromising quality is what DiMare Fresh is all about – The AiroCide system in our cooler keeps the air incredibly clean and reduces mold. you can smell the difference.

Bill McKnight

Director of Operations Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Visitors of the food bank had a facial expression of bewilderment! When asked why, they replied, they noticed a difference in the odor compared to their food bank facilities and he agreed. Every dollar is important to us. You do have a good product in AiroCide and it is working well for us.

Craig Howell


We have AiroCide in a very sensitive area of the plant where certain types of unwanted mold spores can cause us a lot of problems. We saw a significant reduction in both mold spores and yeast. With this conclusion we decided to purchase more and have coverage in all hallway areas that lead to our curing rooms.. We monitor our air quality in all areas of the plant weekly and our test results have shown they do work.

Scott Dennis

VP of Business Development Albert’s Organics

We believe it is the finest Food Safety Sanitation system using them most state-of-the-art technology.

Ross McKenney

VP of Quality Assurance Del Monte Fresh Produce Coral Gables, FL

AiroCide has proven a dramatic and rapid ethylene reduction, along with the benefit of airborne microbial reduction. AiroCide is now standardized equipment for Del Monte Fresh cold storage at all of its facilities.

Ivan Munoz

Cal Pacific Growers/Cal Flavor

We purchased AiroCide from you last year and it worked wonders for us this past season. We had such a great year and very much in part due to the addition of AiroCide in our cooler – which kept the quality of the fruit stable and consistent. I’ve been telling everyone I do business with about the benefits of AiroCide. We had high hopes but the performance of AiroCide exceeded our expectations. It has been the best upgrade we’ve made to the facility in years. We used to walk into the cooler and be able to smell ethylene in varying degrees through the season. This season, we walked in to the cooler and the only thing you could smell was cardboard. The air was absolutely clean of all the ethylene naturally produced by our avocados.