Richard Yudin


For your info- we had a fairly good season with the sea borne AiroCide units, we liked them well enough that the 8 we installed are being dismantled to be reinstalled on different vessels for 2007.

Vasavi Vichram

Quality Assurance Evolution Fresh Corporation

Juice Harvest/Evolution Fresh Corporation is a California based all natural fruit juice processor and fresh cut fruit private label co packer whose priority is freshness above all else. Due to the nature of their operation, IAQ is critical as is the need to protect their product from airborne mold and bacteria. After researching a number of air sanitation systems, their team determined that AiroCide was most appropriate for their use due not only to its efficacy, but also specifically to its non-ozone generating feature. They now have implemented the AiroCide Air Sanitation system throughout their facility.

Kees Rodenburg

General Packhouse Mgr. Eurofresh Farms

Since we installed the AiroCide devices in our greenhouse tomato packing house, there has been a dramatic decrease in mold. The technology is definitely working for us.

Kathy Komoll

Executive Director New Mexico Association of Food Banks

We recently purchased AiroCide units for all of our member food banks to help them prolong the life of donated and food rescue produce. Since installing the units, we have heard from our “down stream” agencies that they are having to spend less time culling produce deliveries and are seeing more produce going to clients. The units will allow us to continue our work of getting more fresh, healthy food to hungry New Mexicans.

Lee Pittman

President Dixie Produce Chattanooga, TN

AiroCide has cut my shrink in the last year by 24% and paid for itself in six (6) months! Our mushrooms are staying whiter longer; our leaf items are more supple and moist. There also is not as much spotting on our melons and we haven’t thrown out a strawberry since we implemented the system.

Ozgur Koc

Director of R&D Crunch Pak

Crunch Pak is the industry leader in fresh sliced apples. They are committed to providing the highest quality organic and conventional sliced apples in the market. The food safety and quality assurance program at Crunch Pak has been built to continuously control any potential hazards from farm to table. Every step is taken to ensure Crunch Pak products are the safest they can be, while maintaining consistent taste and texture. AiroCide PPT enhances their food safety and quality assurance program.

Denis Pageau

VP, Administration & Operations Courchesne Larose

A leader in the Canadian fruits and vegetables industry for over nine decades, Courchesne Larose Ltd, constantly pursues the most excellence freshness and diversity from field to plate which most certainly has hallmarked its evolution. Denis Pageau, Vice-President, Administration and Operations, explains the reason they decided on AiroCide was”the technology is not only completely safe for our workers but efficient in enhancing shelf life of our produce.”

Steve Dimen

Operations Manager Ippolito International Napa, CA

At Ippolito Fruit and Produce, they take extreme care to ensure the freshness and safety of their products. Extensive food safety programs are in place from growing through packing and shipping, including AiroCide Air Sanitation Their program is available for review through Primus Labs.Their packaging facility, based out of Burlington Ontario, operates 364 days a year. The Burlington location is a state of the art refrigerated produce processing, storage and warehousing facility. They also operate a 20,000 sq. foot facility in Montreal Quebec, as well as a wholesale facility at the Ontario Food Terminal.

Coosemans Atlanta

Since installing AiroCide, it has enhanced our specialty produce items and in turn we are getting extended shelf life on many of our items, needless to say we are happy with the performance of AiroCide.

Cameron Perry

Associate Winemaker Chateau Montelena Calistoga, CA

We are very happy with the AiroCide technology