Phil Dawson

President Sling Shot Transportation Brooklyn, MI

I am very happy with the technology and would recommend the AiroCide system to other businesses. The reason we purchased the system was for bacterial control for our coolers. What I notice is, there is no mold. The odors are not there anymore, and shelf-life is longer.

Lou Copperhouse

Director Rutgers

As we developed plans for our new food business incubation facility, we wanted to implement best practices in all aspects of our operation. It is well-recognized in industry that minimizing the potential for airborne contamination is an important component of an effective food safety program, as this can minimize the potential incidence of product contamination by pathogens. Furthermore, the minimization of airborne microorganisms will generally result in an extension of raw material shelf life, and result in improvements in quality and reduction in food waste.” The AiroCide system is installed in their microbiology and chemistry labs, the test kitchen, food processing rooms, and in the perishable food storage areas of the Rutgers FIC facility.

Clarence Harry

Produce Manager Rouse Supermarkets

I thought I was going crazy, there was such a difference in the quality of my produce. My oranges and grapes have a lot less mildew than they used to. Then I learned it was our new AiroCide PPT system that was doing the trick.

Mark Penner

Warehouse Manager Pro Organics: A SunOpta Company Burnaby, BC

The fans in the tomato room (where AiroCide is operating) were not even half as dirty or moldy as the fans in the other rooms in the warehouse, which were pretty ugly. This saved time and money on cleaning.

Sebastien Alix

President, CEO Pommes Magic

AiroCide was decided on because “this proven state of the art system will enable us to pursue our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality and freshest products as well as ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for our employees

Gary Da Silva

Operations Manager Ontario Food Terminal Toronto, Canada

The Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto owns and operates the largest wholesale fruit and produce distribution center in Canada and ranks in the top five by volume wholesale fruit and produce distribution centers in North America. Their decision to implement the AiroCide air sanitation food safety technology was driven mainly by positive feedback they had received from other Toronto perishable companies.”So far the AiroCide units are working great. My citrus room looks great.

Roberto Nevado

Nevado Ecuador

Botrytis control is about 30% [with AiroCide] and odors in our cooler are purified. The ozone emissions before AiroCide caused employee fatigue. Now, with AiroCide, the efficiency of our workers is higher.

Charles Gendrot

Winemaker Kluge Estate Winery Charlottesville, VA

I am very happy with AiroCide. The smell in my barrel storage has vanished and I’ve noticed less surface mold. I am looking forward to using this technology in my home too.

Stefanie Katzman

Katzman Produce

We sell a lot of items that give off ethylene gas and a lot of items that are harmed by ethylene gas, and while we keep them as separate as possible gas obviously spreads easily. We initially started off just searching for an ethylene absorbers, and in our research we found AiroCide. Since AiroCide claimed to fix both ethylene and mold spore issues we decided to look further into it. We noticed on their website, www.kesair.com some of the people we do business with were already using AiroCide so we called them up for references and everyone we spoke to had good things to say about their results. We then decided AiroCide was the answer to our problems.

Steve Karo

Garrison Cold Storage

We have no cross contamination,” Mr. Karo went on to say. Each room contains an Airocide unit, which removes contaminants such as bacteria from the air. “We are one of the few cold storages in this area using this technology,” he added. In addition to storage of commodities such as avocados, apples, blueberries, cherries, pears, stone fruit, grapes and mangos, use of the Airocide unit enables the company to store kiwi and pineapple.