Robert Frie

Plant Manager Emmi Roth USA, Monroe, Wisconsin

We want to pass long this very favorable result with Airocide installed in one of several aging caves in the Monroe, Wisconsin facility. Test results from air sampling have been greatly favorable with almost zero mold activity in the room. Airocide was easy to install and implement and I would consider it a success. I plan on placing additional units in all the other rooms as soon as possible. I think it’s doing exactly what KES Science said and would recommend it.

Paul Zieger

Owner Zieger & Sons, Inc

I’ve never seen as dramatic a turnaround as in our Allentown floral distribution center. This facility was experiencing severe environmental problems before AiroCide PPT was installed. The difference in the quality and shelf-life extension is remarkable. I am very happy with the performance of AiroCide.

Chris Ford

Distribution Leadership Whole Foods Market South Region

AiroCide is saving me an estimated $3K to $4K a month in my 85,000 ft3 cooler. last year in the same cooler we had some shrink issues with peaches and stone fruit, but since we installed the AiroCide units this year our spoilage is reduced

Produce Team Leader

Whole Foods Market Atlanta, GA

We had 54 cases of organic raspberries that were in the cooler for an extended amount of time over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was AMAZED that every day the berries were fresh and still viable. Out of the 54 cases, I did not lose one single berry to shrink!

Mark Boulanger

Produce Team Leader Whole Foods Market Hadley, MA

I think AiroCide PPT should be installed in the large prepared foods coolers at our store. In fact, my Produce Coordinator told me that all our stores need this technology.

Jerry Garcia

Operations Manager Pharr, TX Whole Foods Market

I installed the AiroCide units in our cold rooms and office areas. I am impressed with the AiroCide performance and have several businesses in the area who have visited our facility to take a look at the AiroCide technology. The benefits I noticed were the difference in the odors and how their products last longer.

W. Newell & CO

Champaign, IL

AiroCide air sanitation is in operation at the W. Newell amp; Co. because of their commitment to air quality improvement and superior efforts for food safety, quality assurance and shelf-life extension. The specialty produce company has been using AiroCide in its 155,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility in Champaign, IL since it opened in 2005. The new company combines SUPERVALU’s long-standing heritage in produce, extensive knowledge of produce retailing, and market-leading position in food distribution and takes its name form Winston & Newell , SUPERVALU’s parent company, which started selling produce in 1937.

Paul Graff

The Produce Connection Miami, FL

We installed AiroCide after suffering damage from hurricane Wilma and in four months, I haven’t lost a single item to shrink, or deterioration. In just these four months, I am already seeing my return on investment and I am very happy with this system.

Jean Duval

Lab Dirctor Stonyfield Farm, Inc Londonderry, NH

We do regular air testing at Stonyfield Farm and the results in our microbiology lab show reduced bacteria and yeast since installing AiroCide.

Luis Martinez

Facilities Mgr Southern Specialties

The first few days after installing and activating the AiroCide units were critical when it came to noticing the impact it had on the quality of air. Some of the employees would ask me if the freshness of the air had anything to do with the machines that were hanging from the ceiling and of course I confirmed their suspicions. The installation of the units was very simple and the effectiveness was impressive. I’m confident that our customers will take note of the betterment in quality and prolonged life of their product.